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Connecting Our Community With Christ

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Honor the Name of God

Devout believers have always been careful to speak the name of the Lord with reverence. The Third Commandment of the Law of Moses prohibited taking the name of the Lord "in vain" (Exodus 20:7). But, is this commandment really just about avoiding certain words or phrases, like OMG?


Names are very important to us. The right to defend the honor of one's name is a basic tenet of human society. We have laws allowing people to protect their name, a company name, a product name, a registered trademark, or a logo, from any unapproved use. The Third of the Ten Commandments does the same thing for the name of God. He does not allow the misuse of his name.


Most of us think of the Third Commandment as barring the use of certain specific words and phrases. But, the misuse of God's name also includes any word or action that would tend to bring dishonor to God himself.


We misuse God's name when we speak lightly or in jest concerning him. Even some so-called 'pulpit jokes' I've heard made me cringe. The speaker surely did not understand how the irreverent use of God's name undermined the message.


We misuse God's name when we profess to know him, but do not live by his Word. It makes a mockery of the Gospel when we trivialize the name of God. Why should others make themselves accountable to God, when we fail to honor him ourselves?


We misuse the name of God when we pray "in Jesus' name", but do not believe. Such unbelief in the power of God to answer our prayers dishonors him. It makes him either an idol, that has ears but cannot hear; or a liar, who does not fulfill his promises.


We misuse God's name when we use it in a casual way. Saying phrases like, "I swear to God", or, "God will get you for that", trivializes God. Anything that derogates God as mundane is an affront to his eternal glory and majesty. Furthermore, Jesus tells us not to swear at all, but to answer only 'yes', or 'no'. (Matthew 5:34-37)


If we misuse God's name, we do so at our own peril. The rest of the Third Commandment includes this warning: "The Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name." Let us take care not to act or speak foolishly, as if there were no God 
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