About CCC

Who We Are

Christian Community Church

CCC is a church that believes:

  • All people matter to God
  • People long for–and were designed for–loving relationships with God and people
  • Applying Biblical truth changes lives
  • People transformed by Christ can impact families, Mesquite, our country and the world

Visit us if you have the opportunity. We would love to meet you, hear your story, and help you discover your own spiritual gifts wherever you may be on your spiritual journey.

Our History

On January 18, 2007 thirty-two people got together to talk about starting a new church in Mesquite, Nevada. God had led us out of a wilderness together and gave us a united determination to establish a Bible-base church adhering to the Baptist Faith and Message.

Deciding we wanted to put Christ first, we named it Christian Community Church. We had no idea where we would meet, but God began opening the doors and on January 21, 2007 the Christian Community Church held our first services at the Holiday Inn in Mesquite, Nevada.

During the next seven months, many committees were formed; bylaws were written; and supply pastors came and went. Our first official pastor was Pastor Lee Eddy and our longest supply Pastor was Pastor Clyde Phillips, they led our church for some time. Then Pastor Dan Rhodes led the Church from 2015-2020.

We moved from the Holiday Inn to our current location on Sandhill Blvd in December 2008. What a blessing this was! We have our own room for Bible Studies, a nursery, and our beautiful sanctuary.

Pastor Bruce Whisenhunt, and his wonderful wife, Debbie joined the church in May of 2021 and have been faithfully leading and serving.

Our Future

While only God knows for sure what the future brings, we at Christian Community Church are committed to: 

  • Engaging the Community to grow God’s family
  • Bringing the Gospel to people across the globe
  • Fellowship, Study, and staying in God’s inerrant word

We hope that through these things, God uses CCC to bless our families, our church, our community, our country, and our world.

Join us in Fellowship

Christian Community Church offers Sunday service along with Bible Studies and other weekly and monthly activities. We would love to have you join us on Sunday and throughout the week!

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